Hosting Services

What We Can Offer


Domain registration, build and host your first web or mobile app using the languages, tools and platform of your choice


Use a relational database-as-a-service to host your high-performance, data-driven apps.


Manage and monitor apps to help diagnose issues, improve performance and assess usage.

Hosting Services

We build websites on our a suite of Cloud products, infrastructure services which includes storage, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, database and business applications, analytics and content delivery.

Our cloud services platforms allow customers to build more scalable networks and access business applications with increased flexibility and reliability.

FTP and Storage

Our Web Sites offers ftp access, but also has full source control integration, letting you choose between TFS, github, local git, dropbox, BitBucket, and CodePlex.


You can choose the data center to host your website, depending your audience's location. We can do multi-datacenter hosting by deploying your website to more than one datacenter.


Station Computing provides straightforward ways to deploy your websites without worrying about any virtual machine setup. We provide tiers which you can then upgrade when you feel you need more capacity, want to add SSL, or add your custom domain name.

Station Computing covers a wealth of IT Services around Microsoft 365, from Bespoke software delivery, to Web Design, to Hosting.


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